Partner Program

You are a networking person or company and you would like a strong partner to recommand to build your customers their website and think their e-marketing plan? Want to turn your online presence into revenue? Apply to become an affiliate and find out how.

We have two options to work with you, see below.For both cases, you need to register before claiming any commission from our part.


Get Money by recommanding us

Independant vendor

Become a sales representative and earn money with us

You just want to redirect your customers, partners, friends or family to us because they need our services to grow their business :

  • Earn 10% on every web design contact you bring to us and that leads to a paid contract.
  • Earn a 5% monthly commission fee for every monthly e-marketing contract you bring.

Example: You have a customer who sells your products and he doesn't have any website. It will be in your interest that his brand image fits your standards. Ask him to contact us to get a fresh quotation for a new website, domain name and hosting plan. When he will choose a total of 2500€ website, you will get a 10% commission immediately after his full payment is done! As simple as that! We will after that make a proposal to him to hire us for his digital marketing needs. For a 850€/mo, you will get 42,5€ a month for the whole contract duration!

Or you have a friend who starts his business and need web services !

You are full experienced and can manage a sale from A to Z with customers and want to understand all our products and services to sell it the best you can?

We will take the time to explain how we work and bring you the tools to make everything easy to make offers and sell our services. 

We decide to take you as a partner on several criterias like experience, motivation, involved time in selling our products, proactivity, networking profile, etc. All our partners will benefit : 

  • 20%* sales commission fee for every web design contract they bring.
  • 10%* sales commission fee for every e-marketing monthly contract.

Special condition : 

  • Have a regular VAT number


Subscribe now !

*Full Commission table here